Monday, October 04, 2004

got a day off by my regimental segeant major because I design my battlion 3 quarter tees, running attire and battlion polo-tee. my first debut as a full fledge designer in an organisation instead of a freelance designer, I am happy to be in this working environment, my passion =)

surprize that my regimental segeant major was actually a man with bold movement, he actually accept my break away design from the norm army template culture layout. and took my photo conversion to grafitti art style.

so now here I am designing the running attire and the battlion polo-tee, 5 sirs' name will have a revolution breakthrough on its 12th mono intake. I will make sure everyone will remember "us" as the gung ho infantry not only in operation and also in style.

"enough say hee"