Thursday, October 14, 2004

got to come home today because of my battlion anniversary tomorrow at kallang basin beach. what have I been doing these few days? you would not believe it. sleep, eat, slack and play ps2 lolx. writing down here because I must and will buck up not slack anymore.

and god damn it, why must my company always have to "shoot arrow" at the last minute. before booking out, I just got to know that I would be going for imt on satursday. which means that I have to book in tomorrow again. not that I mind, but at least inform me earlier mah. so that I would not go and plan my weekend, try as I might, I have already try to plan my weekend like middle of the week instead of way ahead. but still the arrow is still too powerful haha.

called mei bin for a meetup and was shock to hear that she has admitted to hospital because of some gastric problem, would go and visit her later.