Sunday, October 03, 2004

just got back from watching movie and decided to blog something. went cineleisure with jason my indian neigbourhood friend and jimmy to watch white chick. just like dodgeball I just went in for a good laugh and that is what I want have a good laugh and not stress about life for a moment. in fact nowadays I don't feel so depress generally since my days in siw.

got home from camp after settling all the 84mm recoiless rifle and stores, graduated from the course today. and jonathan got the best trainee for the course beating the commando and amour. yea buddy you are the man!!!

we had live firing yesterday... it's the most impact weapon that I have and think will ever fire unless I got into 106mm or atgm later on. the blast was so loud that everyone face was so shock and lost after the demostration haha.

our turn finally came to try our hands on the weapon, the recoil from the rifle for the gunner was alright as the back blast was a mere slap on the thigh. but for the load... my god even behind cover the vibration impact travelled through the whole body, which feels like some kungfu movie where you got hit by a exponent that would result in internal injuries lolx. "now who says 84mm rr is recoiless wahahaha they must be mad =PpP"

my left ear was deaf for the whole afternoon as my earplug really cannot make it. a lesson learn not only for me but for those who are also deaf the whole day in my course hee. going to get a pair of good plugs... cheapo plugs only serve you up to 5.56mm firing.

going to book in on monday as the battlion is having long weekend before the ait start. but for me I would be on lull for quite sometime as my estab now is of company level... hopefully as what the doctrine state. I really need a real good break from work... at work.