Saturday, September 25, 2004

"siw is a place on earth."

yes that is the way my heart feels about the place that I am have my 84mm recoiless rifle course, at the school of infantry weapons.

heaven's condition;
- I come out with my own routine orders, as long as everything runs smoothly, they don't care what you do."
- I get to book out almost everyday, what esle could I ask for after staying in style for the past 9 months lolx?
- I get treated like a real commander for the first time where by I am free to go where and when I like yea... =P

the place is that good that even though the training is siong because the 84mm rr is really god damn it heavy, and the manpack for the missile is even more heavy haha. which I just got home after a 8km route march with the manpack for the first 4km and the rifle for the last 4km.

to me I think this is by far the best posting that I got since enlisted. taking baby repsol out for inspection and later think I would drop by tony's house to pay him a visit. it's been sometime since I last meet him and he is sick. alright time to move out.