Saturday, October 23, 2004

just came home from bedok 85, having supper with my mates from 84mm rr. was discussing about hows our working life these days and the course that we are conducting for the man. boy was I stress, as many things have yet to be tied down and the course is starting this monday.

this is the first time in my army life that I have been assign such a important appointment. as the course warrant for the 84mm rr course, I feel the responsibilities of my job scope and the liase with the other commander. its not easy but I will give it my best shot.

jonathan due to his reputation thats so well known as the best trainee haha, have been assgin by s3 to be the course commander. which orignally should have been me as I have been assign by rsm to do the atec evaluation. I assure jonathan and s3 that I would be the course warrant to help my buddy out. "dont worry buddy you got me there to help hee."

going to book in again tomorrow as I have been assign to help out in the breaching section for the commanders' training. co came by today to do the vetting and was quite pleased with our performance. "thank god or esle knn wahahaha..."

going to kusu island with mom on this sunday at 7am, just want to take this chance to remind a friend of mine that, if you go kusu once you going to have to go for another 2 times to make it 3 times. so remember to go.