Sunday, September 19, 2004

been busy for the past 2 weeks... just to have time to go clubbing lolx besides that really got no time for any other stuffs. all thank to my new unit making us make teaching materials and I have been "arrow" to design the new battlion 3 quarter tee. -.-"

now that everything is coming to an end, I have a bigger "arrow" my final posting have to switch to 84mm recoiless rifle commander. which the good new is that I would be directly under my 2IC in the company and me sort of the overall in command on ground. that's sort my wish to have freedom in my work.

now the bad thing is, I have to carry this huge 16kg rifle along with my primary weapon which I cannot imagine myself with full battle order and and... this rifle. "!@#$%&" haha guess that would be what my heart would be saying when I go on mission.

so for now I have to carry my duffy bag to go on course at plc for 13 days. my adaption to new environment must now be a++ grade lolx as I have never like to change my environment much. and now I shift camp every 3 months since entering army, and now 2 weeks. not that it is a bad thing, giving me a head start to adapting to my future working life.

went mos again yesterday after last weekend as it was han's birthday "happy birthday bro => " got han to drink until he seh seh and took photos of him and his gang of friends, hell lots of funny bunch and also the quiet lot. which is why I think his circle of friends are pretty like mine, that's why we are buddy.

got to remember to go buy spark plug and racing windshield for baby repsol, and I have not been spending much time at home lately. have to stay home to keep my dad company and give baby repsol a wash hehe. oh yah last thing have to bring baby repsol go inspection, which means to say baby repsol is coming 3 yo this october =>