Sunday, September 05, 2004

one week into my new unit 5 sir... arhHHHHH it's the most @!#$%! up place in the army life I have been thru so far, all the stuffs there are more redundant than... even the school can you believe it? "how can you when I can't even lolx" what's worse some of the mediocre stuff can land you in db, which some of us actually joke that 5 sir should be call 5 sdb instead haha.

besides the duties for specialist that sucks, actually I still have to agree that life is better in the unit than been a specialist in school. besides enjoying the privileges that man don't enjoy. the spec mess is great, with ktv pub setting and cheap beer. I am starting to have a can of beer before sleep lolx.

and with a swimming pool and club house kind of gym, I guess if I get my classified vocation, I would make full use of them. 2.4 run is siong as we have to go uphill and downhill 3 time round our camp complex. bunk wise... let's just say I miss my sispec and bmt bunk more hehe. "by the way the design of the polo tee sucks, care if I move the cheese of that designer to my side hee?"

miss my sergeants and officers in sispec as I have been taken care of and now my turn to take care of man. sometimes you can't help but feel that been a man is better instead of been a commander because your commander would always be there to cover you. but this is the road I choose to ride on... to lead and ride on the wind of success.

"respect the spirit"