Monday, August 16, 2004

"finally..." after 3 weeks of blood and sweat... tears, I am back to singapore. just reach home and head straight to blog in hee.

training there was the toughest challenge to my mental and physical in my life till now, and it is an eye opener for me.

my 4 days navex exercise came first, making me climb node after node to find 12 checkpoints "you heard right not mountains" which bukit timah and .72 at mandai can only be consider hill. the mountain there are not possible to climb without proper equipments.

the view on top of the node were magnificient and grand. but every steps up a node means carrying my near 15 kg field bag climbing a trail or path of near 60 degrees up. at times we have to go on all four to get up lolx. the 4 of us really thanx god that our body make it through and we even make it back by the 2nd day evening.

my 9 days field camp came after a 3 days rest from the navex. fighting objectives after objectives on node like those in my navex, so you can imagine my load pushing my body and mental to the edge. to make things worse, it rains throughout the 9 afternoon making our morale even lower, the scary part came on the 5th day where by we were sleeping in the night and experience mild earthquake, shaking the node that we harbour on waking us up. which later I believe that might not be earthquake but landslide due to the constant rain.

by the 2nd day I was down with flu and nearly black out from heat exhaustion. as the weather there is now summer, and their heat is those of dry type making you unable to sweat much unlike singapore's humid heat. thankfully after some medication and few hours rest, I was back in action.

but some of my mates wasn't so lucky, some got bitten by scorpion, centipede, and one roll down the node while hitting an objectives as he was having fever but decide to push on. "strong and determine green force... respect our spirit"

everytime I harbour and have some time for myself, I start to miss home badly, my buddies, good friends and someone that I used to love and miss alot. I have to say at times when I am lonely still have that longing for that person which I have put behind but strangely linger back. "hmm...haiz must relax relax ok"

bought tons of stuffs for grass_4, gary, my parents, and siblings during my 4 days of rest and relax session there. went to a number of hotspots like shi lin night market and xi meng tin in taipei. also went to wu fu and liu he night market in gao shiong.

the food there is cheap and nice, lots of things that I always see in the food link variety show by taiwan jacky wu. I got to try them out hahaha shiok ar.

girls there really everywhere you go also got cute and chio one, but the best is to be like me, my buddy jonathan and beng. seat and "bio" while enjoy food by the roadside. but the most stunning stuff that I try was the snake soup, well it was not too bad the the flesh of snake taste very much like chicken but very "Q" lolx.

enough said now to head for the shower =P