Sunday, August 22, 2004

after 10 weeks of gruelling and fun training I am finally going to be passing out as a sergeant lolx!!! next sat will be my passing out parade, and yes this time no more pc but my parents will be the ones putting on my rank for me. "please give me my ippt $$$ next month because I am so broke after coming back from taiwan hehe."

too bad dad is working, so only mum and patrick will be coming to coming for my pop to see me don on the yellow scarf and stand proud in the parade. "tony, willy yoz I will take lots of photos to show you all hehe hopefully some of my mates will bring so check cais lolx."

just came back from watching alien vs predator and kopi with grass 4 at jian bing. the movie was good but a bit short, and was talking to taiwan with grass 4. the gals there are so much better than those of singapore, because they are all so friendly and smile back at you. unlike singapore, if you take 1 more look at the gal you might just get the stare as if you are some jerk.

in the end grass 4 couldn't take it anymore and we decide save up and go taiwan at the end of next year. "up lah"

basically everyone are asking me where do I wish to be post to, which I have no choice for. hopefully I get to post out finally to main land after 9 months in the island or get to be an instructor to learn the role as a mentor.

yah by the way went to mos yesterday with han, been 3 weeks since I last went clubbing. was like a dance animal last night with han as he had just recover from back pain for chionging too much during the period I was in taiwan lolx. the techno there was great but somehow I felt that it was a nicer version of sparks, finally a new techno hangout hee.

"no more sergeant tekan me oh lah oh lah yeh yah."