Sunday, July 25, 2004

5 hours time I would be off to taiwan for my 3 weeks exercise. what I am feeling now? hmm... excited, nervous lolx and lots of other un-interpretable feelings. will be back on 15th of august, so guys want to leave me a message, email me at

just finish packing my stuff, will be leaving by 10 to changi terminal 1 for the flight. went to sparks on friday to enjoy a night out on techno. the music were great and the crowd amount just right, only that the crowd seem abit young. making me feel that I am old... by abit. but then again to me it's the music genre that matters to me most, which I am sad to say that there isn't much good techno venues nowadays.

spend saturday out with my mum to enjoy some nice food at army market with me trying to gather all my needs to taiwan. mum make me one of my favourite dish by her "bao cai rice" eating it let me feel the family love that I got from my parents. in my heart they are the best.

devil's next after dinner with mum, I meet grass 4 to devil's bar for another day of rave. my it was pack and I hardly got space to dance, got to dance with this cute chick... but she left before I could get her number. the crowd were sort of disappointing due to lack of "cais" lolx.

so we left for our hq for some pratas and tony broke a glass of tea due to a pat by patrick to wait him up. poor tony totally shack out by the ndp, hope that he got a nice break after that, wouldn't be able to watch this year ndp as I am still in taiwan.

went to arcade today with eugene to play initial d, and spend the afternoon chilling out at his house before heading home. well now time for shower and off I go to the airport, as eric will be sending me there. take care all my buddies, friends.

"bon voyage"