Saturday, August 28, 2004

today is a significant day in my ns life as I pass out and embark on my specialist journey, as we march into the parade square with our yellow scarf I can't help but feel some sadness. because I am going to leave the place I have train and stay for the past 9 months. I just got my posting yesterday evening that I would be posted out to 5 sir at bukit panjang.

lots of parents and sisters "chiobus hehe..." came to the parade, everyone was taking photos of us marching, doing rifle salute blah blah the usual parade stuffs. the moment came when parents were invited to don on our rank for us, as usual mum was tearful thankfully not tearing like when she visited me during my bmt. which I had a hard time consoling her, younger brother was busy taking photos for me "thank bro"

some candid shots were taken when we were going back bunk to change for booking out, we try our elite kakis mates' beret to take photos and not forgetting "chroming" blessing to the bayonet holders.

guess human really works in a weird way, like when you are at a place nice or bad you would want to stay when the time calls for you to leave. which is strange as I have always wanted to leave tekong when I was there but when I heard my posting, out of sudden I don't feel like going.

reporting at 5 sir next wednesday... "wonder if there would give us off..." I really don't feel like starting work so soon after short break of not even a week for my bslc and now my aslc.

rumour has it that the man there just graduated from their mono intake bmt training, well new for everyone and I sure hope that unit would be less regimental than school, as I really had enough of bullshit lolx or should I say "redundant actions"