Sunday, July 18, 2004

last book out from 3 sir for my aslc, hopefully going back to to be a section commander after my pop. it's been fun working with the guys there... really can't bear to leave there. the bos, do, storeman, we really joke and work without the feel of rank barrier, which everyone did their duties well. a pro active rapport amongst the battlion. school life has got no fight at all against unit. "the air outside is still better lolx."

my special ops training fibua, fofo, and exercise grandslam 2(grandslam 1 was during my bslc) enjoy fibua the most which is why I want to go 3 sir cos it's their forte. these spells what I have been doing for the past 2.5 weeks stay there.

grandslam 2 was memorable as... the night habouring where we ate durians as our terrain was an unkempt durian plantation was pure shioks, one nearly hit me while I was digging shellscrape. "end up eating it as a revenge haha."

dawn attack up mandai .72 was fierce, overruning, empowering, haha over shot abit arh piasei. the hill steepness was none compare to those in tekong as we were in for a big surprize by the terrain. towards the top of the hill everyone turns slow motion like maxtrix scenes.

everyone heaved a relief and lie on top of the hill when exercise cut and laugh at our under estimation of the hill. ".72 should be ok lah... yah right." other call from the hq sent us off to a mtc mission. I was to take over command as my sectionmate haidar was down with heavy flu.

1 minute re organise of my section was all i got from the pc to take down the hill's pocket of 4 enemies. the next moment due to lack of proper ops order we were in a chaos, as only my group 1 was with me and group 2, 3 were busy supress the enemies. which to outflank the enemies 2 groups were needed with regards to the doctrine stated. but I quickly realize that the situation was not possible as they were too engross in the fire fight to hear me lolx. so I went ahead to flank with group 1 couldn't care more anymore for the rcp.

straight after the mission, pc went straight to me;

pc: "fuck do you know that flanking needs at least 2 groups? "
mq: "sir the situation did not allow me to do that"
pc: "then you should call for the mg team to support you, leaving you to have more group to flank."
mq: "sir by then the element of surprize would be gone."
pc: "so what? you follow what the doctrine says as a trainee you hear me?"
mq: "sir if there's 5 organic weapons firing at your position, would you be so alert to spot a flank party? therefore the number of people flanking is no longer a pressing issue. what's more with a grenade thrown to enemy's spot before charging, our rcp with a group would far supress the enemy."

my pc fell into a long slience, I just hate these warrant officers. fucking old fashion and never admit that others' way might be worth a try. 1 of my section commander, which always "wayang" started saying that it's no way to talk to a superior like that blah blah blah... in my heart "fuck you lah, always talk no do cb!" while the other section commander gives me a smile and a thumbs up. well so much for the angel and demon of my 2 section commanders I thought. anyway pc just walk off like that and still emphasize on the strict following to the doctrine during aar.

enough about the army, anyway going out to change money in a short while for my taiwan trip and to do some bike maintaince at the bike shop. it's been sometime since I last shop for clothes and grass_4 has just decided to do that hee.