Saturday, July 03, 2004

been real busy this 2 weeks, time just fly past... watermanship, section quick attack, range, clearing of my ippt and soc test "no more soc, no more ippt..." lolx well just for this 11 weeks course that is.

hardly even have time to breath and have a proper rest... in 20 days time I am going over to taiwan for overseas training. hmm really don't know what to write... because there seems to be alot happening yet I can't yah again express them in words cos there are too much, which I did not imgaine that with this short amount of time so many things can be done.

somethings about my company... fucked up is all I can think of... manage in the most old school style by the most stubborn old man I have ever seen. who make the whole course work so packed as if we are having a 1 month course instead of a 3 months course. but then I have been blessed to be in a section of movtivating and selfless bunch of sectionmates... not to say crazy and fun loving too.

well just read a "friend's" blog, and got to know that her family has got some problem. I give her my blessing, "stay strong and go on, be like what I always know you for."

and I have been happy to know that tony have recover from his breakup "yoz up lah brother, you are the man."