Saturday, June 19, 2004

teyo yo q & a time lolx... well have to answer to some of the questions my ex posted. you know... "yes this is the last time and only time I would like to write about her. yes buddies and bin I know you all have advice me against but then I can't help but write this one last time hehe =P ."

q1) friends or not to be? - hmm... lets see what's a friend when she knows I call yet don't return call? what's a friend to her when she change handphone number yet did not even bother to inform?

to be true I have given up the fact about been "friend" , and I have not try to be funny by stalking or calling her umpteen times. have I not been understanding or should I say mature enough than younger guy/s?

q2) spending time with anna!? - since when have I restrict her about been with her friends? it is she who feels guilty spending time with them which she should not at all. for one things I have never felt guilty when I am with my buddies, cause at that time she give me the understanding, now that the chemistry is gone everything I do is wrong. "been there, known that."

q3) scare of losing me? - she have done it... already what, what's talking her? and yah it's 2 years 2 months correction there lolx. like she says does it matters? time and chemistry is not a matter, haha try says, I would like to see her current's reaction and things he would say and write if he does have a blog after 2 year plus when she leaves him. but than again since I can be so calm, not surprize if others would try to act that out. that is if she knows me well enough whether what I wrote here are what I am "even if I do keep you by my side, your heart is not here so what's the point?"

oh by the way when my contract came I bought a wedding ring and I just threw it away, boy was I happy then. but now... sees recovering well for me I should say.

q4) things commented by me? - well what can I say, with a "friend" treating me like that as the above questions and she is my ex, if I don't even get any bit affected. then I should say I am not human at all.

q5) bored by ns stuffs? - maybe I am not good at expressing my job scope well to a girl who lost chemistry in me... wonder if she would strangle her current he a blabs on about his ns life now that she is head over heel with him like she used to be in me. which person doesnt enjoy talking about the job he/she is in. we used to have a common which is design.

but hey I have a duty to serve and defend a nation... not a deserter for things that I care and love for. can't say much of others... storemans, drivers, clerks which instead are posts for people who really wants defend their country and yet physically can't and but now are been taken up by able body jerks. hopping to spend time with their gf, or have more time to have fun. I was foolish then when I say I am willing to be a storeman just to have time with her, which I am gald I did not. because she is just so not worth it... even as a friend.

lastly how can one think everything on the good side when she wrote all that and have a logical answers formulated out by reasoning and sound thinking. "so who's writing for who to have nonsensical reasoning ending up been answer back?"

anyway looks like she has been piss off by me, but anyway this blog is about been myself and what I think. so if anyone can write about their life and opinion, I am sure I am allow the freedom. no flaming content whatsoever in everything I write and I am going to enjoy my life and be myself. I am sure I can always find someone better, losing those "wonderful" people that succumbs or affect by those question above... well ok I can imagine how "wonderful" they are.