Friday, June 11, 2004

just reach home a moment ago... because I have been posted to aslc, after 10 weeks of "chiong sua" , and with yesterday gruelsome 32 km route march spelling the end of my bslc. the bad news is I am still stuck on the island for the finally 10 weeks in aslc. as the previous batch has got lots of sergeant staying back as instructors, guess mine with so little intake would be posting out. our sergeant from my company says that chances are we will be going for guards conversion....haha so much for been wanting to be an elite.

depressed to stay on the island as I hope for a more meaningful challenge in the mainland in units like amour or artillery. but then again I guess the affinity with infantry is deep in me.

this course would ensure that I would be one of the first few to get my rank and not to say pay rise as well lolx. which is not a bad things looking at having so much things to buy.... including my rvf hehe =)~~~

the unbelievable thing is I got guard duty on tuesday because alpha coy has close down for aslc intake due to the massive intake for the next bslc. which means that the school has got no one to look after but us... leaving me to disrupt my block leave on the last day, really heng it's on the last day. oh well been in the army, we got to understand that 9/10 things aren't fair, especially if you are an nsf =|

going to have a hot bath after checking mails and blogging, finally having the chance to slumber on my sweet bed to sleep. leaving all my dirty laundry for tomorrow "argh" because my whole body is so sore that I can hardly feels my shoulder.