Sunday, May 30, 2004

she finally updated her blog!!! and well just before I got to book in again, but then I would come back on tuesday to read it thoroughly. "you know I call yor home because you change a new handphone number, hope that you can leave me your new number." by the way congrats to your graduation.

guess I wasn't of much help during your final projects and happy to see that you have someone who helps and care for you during those time. he got into an or car. either one tell him to be careful especially when he is with you and speedy recovery to him.

"I guess having you to change for me was really a bad idea afterall. given such ending to our relationship against changing you, with my pros and cons character you know I would surely choose the latter then."

but then again I really want to see a better her not asking her to change for the sake of changing. of which I know some of the things are against her will because its good and I demand it. but then she should have seen that I have not demand those against her will matters and even give in to it even I demand verbally at times before the breakup "yup I know it's too late."

but I think she should give me some time to get the facts right rather then hitting me straight like that. so utterly heartbroken that I went to withdraw from my officer vocation with the intention to go rom with her then, to an nsf now. "I don't blame you and I am not making you feel guilty, but I feel the need to tell you how much I love and wants to be you you then."

leaving me with endless sleepless and crying nights lolx. "you know I am strong but not really that strong when I love you so much."

yes and no to the time spend with my buddies, they stick by me when you left me. they really nothing to say... best buddies in the world. but I would be happier been with and having you and them together. it's the slow adaption of me in the army that cause the main problem as I have realise that my days before army...neglecting you was all my fault =| which is why I try to buck up after the field camp during bmt, but again again haha it's all too late.

but like what she says it's all over, and I accept it all fully. all I want now is to be friend with her and stay in constant contact. because she understands my design sense well and has always been an idea developer for me =)

but the way fuck what people says "I really can't bear to see you suffer because of the relationship between us so sorry for the vulgarities." like your buddy says, the matter is between the 2 of us what's they got to say in it.

"hope to hear from you soon, and keep blogging I really want to know very much how are you getting on. as a friend who cares alot and been very close with you before and hopefully ever ongoing."