Saturday, May 22, 2004

"wonder what you are doing now as I am blogging... just wanna tell you that i miss you and if you are still reading my blog give me a call to let me know how you are getting on."

Just got back from camp after a 3 days out field exercise, which render my back and legs pain from touch lolx. because this exercise involve trench digging for harbouring, trench height till my chest. of which we still have mission to complete in the day time. although the trench digging part was fuck up, the mission was all fun. as we hit on enemy objectives, amubushing them was the most exciting of all.

it's 4 months 2 days since she left me, and I still think of her at times and get sleepless nights in camp. training now is tougher than it is in bmt but then I am able to take it in stride. maybe if I adapt fast enough than she might just not leave.

"ask me again if I have change from the first day I met you till now, I would still say I have not."