Sunday, May 02, 2004

oh well what a book out, having a bad sore throat that make me voiceless yet its not painful. "hmm I wonder what's going on..." anyway just woke up suddenly feels like blogging.

went to have to buffet lunch with my mum and brother at peninsula for an pre mothers' day celebration yesterday "and I felt lonely out of a sudden because you were not beside me anymore" as me and my brother are having duties on next sat till sun "siansation"

meet up with eunice, esther, sook yee, norfery and zhiwei for a gathering. chatted about our school days where we used to hang out together and felt that those were really the days that we really enjoy ourself not worrying about tomorrow. we also chat up about our love life "which I no longer have one for now..." leaving me with some questions to ponder, which I have answer for some and yet wonder if I really have it.

meet up with tony, willy and patrick as usually at prata and had a bit of supper before heading home for the bed.