Saturday, May 01, 2004

“Section! Straight ahead! 100! Tree! Animal behind tree!!? Fire!!!”

yea that’s what I shout during my fire control orders lolx, since bmt days I have been shouting at times "animal behind tree!" which i really wonder why... maybe the wild boar there are one too many so much so that all of us wanted a piece of it, because after I started this my section mates did just the same thing. my "chiong sua" finally started in sispec after 3 weeks, as we started to do our section battle drill, it was fun yet tiring.

just did my navigation test before booking out, which was quite stressful for me as I need to calculate distance of point to points using azimuth, mils blah blah blah....

you know for some one like me who fail his maths since primary school days it's like going back to the same nightmare of taking maths test again. but well I manage to pass the test smoothly without retest.

life is getting more hectic as days goes by, these few days the training is so pack that i don't even have time to visit the toilet for a proper bombardment....and the camo cream on my face everyday is driving me crazy as I have to wash 3-5 times to get rid of it. but then it was all fun after all.

just came back from meeting han at his house with his gf, had a bit of yong tau foo at the coffeeshop near his house. and order some bread which i wanted butter but instead came kaya -.-"

can't help but wonder why love life nowadays are so complicated as I was talking to han and he happen to tell me the situation and the background of his gf, people enjoy or think its worth it having it complicated. which I think life is complicated as it is, so why not get a simple person who truly love you and stay together always.

" -.-" "