Friday, April 09, 2004

"with pride we lead"

first book out from my new posting, hmm how's it? smoking more or less own time own target, lots of lectures "nearly dozed off everyone lolx" but overall more regimental than bmt. and they really treat us like future commander as we have more say over our training.

but hell i nearly freak out when I reach my bunk "but hey i am a soldier right?", the cupboard mirror cracked, shoes rack drawer stuck, bookshelf key broke into 2. and the worst part is that the mosquitoes net mia, and i ended up with mosquitoes' bite palms swollen like pig's trotter. "did a tornado went pass this area?? the best part is my csm or should I say my cwo is a tua ah beng, with his left hand all tattoos "but I also have tattoo too but not as fierce hehe" his staring is enough to instil fear in the whole company.

went photo outing with zhiyang my primary school friend at orchard, took more photos that i never thought i would as I have as i took every angle of orchard umpteen times. meet another primary school friend mingcai at ps and ended up at esplanade chilling out.

supper with 4 grass, namely our gang name haha. tony, patrick, willy and me. went to our usually hangout at jian bing the prata shop at katong, had lots of fun taking photos as i meet them straight after my outing. did lots of magic shots with us levitate lighters....even tony's specs lolx.

while walking home patrick suddenly commented that our gang has no life, always prata sessions. I guess that is what all of us feels, fun till the end of the day. all that's left is ourself alone, but then this is life being single. and I still miss her these days. the emptiness of my heart, not because she left me and time will pass and I will be ok... but that I still truly love her.

"I still really love you."