Friday, April 02, 2004

just check my posting and i am going back to that god damn island again to be train as a sergeant lolx. actually i am happy to be there from the bottom of my heart, i guess that is where my heart really wants cause i have the "stone been lifted" feeling. in 6 months time i will be known as 3sg melvin if all goes well. "give me your blessing all my friends"

went kopi with raymond at changi village, didn't know that the roast duck noodle there was so good. chat over what we are going to do after ns and finally after a good 1 year, raymond finally got his enlistment date in june.

many of my platoonmates called and as i am typing ....."hello" most of us got our wished posts while others were post unfairly to certain vocations "guess my same phrase comes in use again lolx that's life huh..."

"i still cannot forget you, maybe when i have the courage to throw all your photos away.... is the day my heart heal"