Monday, March 29, 2004

wonder what is happening these few days.... "i have been dreaming of you, having fun together, and also having showdown." having this growing urge as days goes by wanting to see her or give her a call. guess the weak side of me got better and i sms her lolx, but anyway she did not reply "so i guess that's it huh?"

been out for 4 days since my passing out, nothing much happen the usual kopi session every night with patrick, willy and eric as tony have gone to brunei for mission till this fri "but i am having a feeling of empty in my heart, as if a part of my heart is been remove... the empty feels like a part of memory that i want to forget and yet everytime i try to forget the pain would tear me apart...."

went movie with my primary school classmate at cineleisure "the place where i meet you for the first time" butterfly effect is a fantastic movie which i don't mind watching it again. the plot, flow of the movie and the concept revolving around the movie is just grip me from the start till the end. it's like that tv series silders but this time its not using equipment but the human brain. "and if i have that power i would go back to the first day that i meet you and do everything right." after the movie had my first pasta mania for the past 1 month plus, and it just taste as good as ever and also trigger the fond memory of me and her.

chat over the meal about design and also photography, and came to know that he is also into it. decide to meet up the week after to go shooting, that is if i did not go ocs.

"if only i have the way to make your heart stay with me"