Friday, March 26, 2004

"foxtrot coy, foxtrot coy foxtrot coy foxtrot coy...we are the one, we are the champion, we will always be the one!" pop loh!!!

with that song came the passing out of my bmt life as a army recruit today, but all of us were sad because we did not march in for our passing out ceremony due to a rain storm. we work and put in so much effort...just to be destroy by a rain storm. "like soldiers that don on our armour but weren't given a chance to fight and we lost." but we manage to finish our wearing cap ceremony for passing out with our sergeant which was a little consolation for us.

did our 24km graduation route march yesterday, but then after the 16km route march. this is nothing already, we finish in high spirit with everyone singing out loud in high morale. i am lost for words... could have written alot but then words just can't describe what we went through.

going out to have supper now with patrick ...."though i hope i am spending my time with you... sharing my joy"