Friday, March 05, 2004

"Really cannot understand why one can be so heartless even though one has love and care for the one they hurt."

well gotten over most of the pain that 2.5 years of love and care, and also so much for the building of future around someone. ultimately what reasons she has given me are all excuses for her to left me for someone else, and also for her immature attitude in a relationship.

she's got all to lose in the end, body and mind. "good luck to the guy that got her" and what's more i have got a guts feeling that she left me for that guy because he can help her with her graduation project. if that's so, why am i hurt over a slut? "i might be wrong though but you can't blame me u know"

for me it's just an experience, a moment of confusion send me crying while talking to her which is damn dumb lolx. promise myself never to happen again in the future endeavors. decide to pamper myself these days and also to enjoy my single days.

congrats to my cousin and my secondary school classmate, getting married this month. to both couple they are pairs make in heaven, may they be together and loving forever.

going to pass out from bmt in 22 days time, finally pass my soc. leaving me without regrets in my recruit life as i have also attain sliver for my ippt. mixed feelings as i have to leave my mates that have fought together pushing each others on. but also looking forward to the challenging future in sispec or best ocs hehe.

gonna get my new phone nokia 3100 tomorrow and also getting my oakley from bin later. thinking of getting a diesel watch after i go sispec and ultimately i want my flame skull tattoo after i pass out from my command school later. not forgetting my ps 2 lolx.

"something are just not worth getting hurt for."