Saturday, February 21, 2004

going to be single again, my gf just leave me for another guy. call her yesterday morning just to let her tell me that and i just broke down in front of my sectionmates, cry through my training the whole day.

2.5 years relationship gone just like that "What the FUCK!!!???" , all she can says is her feeling for me have fade, then why all the building of future around us for. "For FUCK sia!!!" the happy moments, the diffcult times we went through togther.

i admit that i have slacken in our relationship due to ns, but she knows the reason, though my face looks fatigue but my heart is always with her, doing every mission...everytime i crouch or charge through something she is all thats in my mind, my movtivation. to do everything fast fierce so that i can do everything right and go out of camp to see her once a week.

never once did i look at any gals even with my friends, because i know she is and has a every big place in my heart.

the maggi mee i cooked for her when we have no money to go anywhere, cook and laughing while cooking italian noodle our own way. the time we spend talk about anything under the stars at east coast. and also the happy moments we have in my room and on my 21st birthday. our kinky sms...... and also the days we spend riding on my motorbike.

all for her to tell me that she has fallen for another guy and breaking our 2.5 years love and effort in one morning. turning into someone i did not know at all, someone heartless and cruel.

i have cried myself dry and my heart and mental have been torture thoroughly, at the end now i have really nothing to say and reason. lets just hope she needs time to think and eventually straighten out her thoughts. and come back to my embrace.

temptation is always around, but good guy and gal meant for each other are rare. the same shit of quarrelling with another person, understanding are a painful process, "isn't that what you told me or was that all a lie???" at the end of it that person may have to leave for a timed service like me serving ns.

so what the hell did she tell me, that our relationship will not be affect by any 3rd party because we have brave through alot of things, and that meibin and nette incident, nette was immature. but why are you doing the same thing to me now!?
with her i can brave through the world hand in hand, without i really dont know what can i brave through...

"tuna gal, lobster gal, notti gal, titi gal, bite your pigu, so titi, lub u..."