Friday, March 19, 2004

"arm robber escape to tekong"

that's the headline....some arm robbers from malaysia landed in tekong and that's all the start of my nightmare....

sof, guards, gurkas, even a21df are all on tekong. total of 700 men hunting down 3 men when they have us the bmtc and sispec personal lolx... guard post were set up at every company line and we have to take turns to prowl aorund the company line. "fuck shit man 3 guard duty on regimental..."

my 16km route march were based around the camp site walk it 20 was ok for the body but the mind just wanna freak out looking at something for 20 times. "what the hell sia!"

thank god we get to book out after today's games day, basically everything went on as usual, only out field training have been stop. darn those robbers, I am praying hard not to walk my 24km pop march in the camp....

"fuck it lah"