Sunday, November 09, 2003

went to bin tattoo artist at far east to have a look at design that i wanted to do suddenly "guess the urge is too great after 2 years after my first tattoo." which was on friday. lionel draw something that i have concepted and it looks great, a real skull with flames as the back of the head. that i decide to do today.

guess it's fate that it rained the whole day, which i really don't feel like going out. decide that though i have got a tattoo already, it would still more or less affect my ns if i had more. i was half hearted about getting it now. so i have decide that the earliest time to get my second tattoo would only be when i get stable in ns.

i think i am one that have to do certain life commitment on moment of urge otherwise i would simply think too much.

"arr fuck it. damn me."