Saturday, November 08, 2003

spent a happy saturday with my dearie, bought her a levi's jean that she always wanted. and went sakae sushi for dinner, was quite disappointed by the mekajiki sashimi as there were blood clot on the fish slices. which make the fish taste bloody.

attend my gf class bbq gathering at fisherman village, mine mine the whole stretch were label pasir ris park. of which we finally reach the right place after turning in one area earlier and one carpark earlier lolx.

send my gf home after the bbq and went to meet tony, patrick and willy. tony told me that he is in jaguar company, which my brother is also in now. just that tony is a officer and my brother a recruit. "singapore is really small u know."

went to the 24 hrs prata shop to have supper, try a new stuff call maggi soup. not a new dish i would say but the ingredients certainly make the instant noodle taste a whole new kind of taste. tomato, lettuce, egg which i never did think that such simple stuff can make the noodle taste so good. guess i would buy the same ingredients and try to cook it at home hehe.

"i want more of maggi soup."