Wednesday, November 12, 2003

finally gotten an afternoon shift, went to have breakfast at parkway mac with bin. "it's been ages since i last eaten them." to the arcade we go after the breakfast and guess what? after playing the 4th time if brave fire fighters, bin and i finally complete the game!!! guess we are born partner in that game haha.

office seems like hell today, the system training was realli boring, not that the lecturer don't know how to teach but the system work just in a dumb way. which i think the dos system that we are using that is so much better.

calls comes in like nobody business and fuck those customers just like to call in noisy background so much so that everyone have to talk in the top of their voice. completely shack out after work to come home now and going to crash of to slumberland. before that all this fustration have to got an output.

"idiotic system and customers !@$#$"