Thursday, November 13, 2003

calls in office continue to pour in like storm...guess all this people are going crazy after not going to concert for so long due to sars lolx. went to see doctor after work as my ear got a swollen lump which i think is due to putting on the headset for too long.

jason call after my doctor visit as he need help for his art o level exams tomorrow. help him with the concept report and design layout. would be going to photocopy some research materials with him tomorrow morning before i go to change my brake pad and top up my brake fluid.

meeting gary to have dinner as we did not meet up for sometime. going to suntec as i am getting a wallet from topshop for my cousin because his birthday is just round the corner and gary needs a jacket as his office now is freezing cold.

promise to call my cousin to arrange for meet up but was too tired to do so, guess i would do so tomorrow night and meet him next tuesday in town after my work.

"work work and work."