Wednesday, August 27, 2003

the weather is really merciless today, finish work at 10pm and half way home the rain just storm in without any warning. came home wet and cold, what a day. anyway its been raining for the past 3 days and i have not been riding much either. get to ride to work and back only today "i wanna ride more haha" guess i am a true biker blooded person lolx.

call my gf 4 times today...4 times just don't know why am i missing her so badly these days haha, don't usually like to talk on the phone but then these few days just feel like hearing her voice. maybe my sixth sense is telling me i am going to get my enlisment letter soon "really hope it come soon...but please for god sake come after my 2a tp on the 23th sep k haha"

3 of my colleuges resign today due to the new working attire to be formal because we are just part timers. don't know what are the management thinking nowadays, they are really getting shitty these days. now if they couldnt get our palm in time machine for twice, they would deduct 1 hour pay. not that we have only one kind of clocking machine, we have also the id card swipe machine... faulting us for a machine problem...isnt that ridiculous!? i am not going to let them deduct my pay but then since no one is wanting to speak about it, and those who are not happy have already quit. i would voice up if they do deduct my pay and work there for the time being till i pass my tp.

"guess every job have its pros and cons huh..."