Tuesday, August 05, 2003

this blog thing is driving me crazy haha, cant seem to archive the date entries update properly. and guess wad it's ok again now that i re-publish when i have been doing it for the whole morning today.

i feel that the sky for me is clearing up for my life, alot of things that i dare not tell my other half, the ultimate side of me have been relieve yesterdae. and i am willing to live a new life given this chance.

i guess year 2003 have been a bad year for alot of people in the world, i guess even for myself given the sars and iran war thats happening in the world.

but...for me it would be a year that i would always remember as i have told my other half the ultimate true, even if everything don't work out as we anticipate. i don't think i will tell all this to my other half that i have found later on in life after her, even if i do have one.

"cos u have been the most kind, understanding and open minded gal that i have ever knoe, and for all i knoe i would never find another one like u. i luv u."