Sunday, August 03, 2003

Finally got something off my chest, something that i have been struggling for the past 1 year plus. getting it off my chest was a risk and pain staking step as i have to anticipate and bear the consequences of which i don't think i can handle.

but then again if i don't get it off, i would forever feel guilty and later on this matter might even implicate to a even greater problem. all was well as the party that i have to say this matter understand and have wanted to rectify the problem.

maybe i did not push as hard as i think therefore she is taking it for granted. now that she understand, i hope that all things will work out.

i finally realise that certain things needs to be push hard and get a solution for it. been soft hearted would not be fair to you and also to myself.

"i am really sorry cos i really need to tell you how i feel and stop struggling with myself."