Thursday, August 07, 2003

Finally pass my bike evaluation yesterdae, not bad 12 pts after my 3rd attempt. the boring part is that the tp date is on 23th sep, why do it have to be so long. guess i have to constantly go back for self practice.....7 weeks waiting, i decide to take a break of 2 weeks before i start self practice.

office have lately been hearing more bad news, breach of trust, wrong information given leading to serious complaint, promoter having communication break down with us. wads more our manager don't seem to side us instead give us more work to do by implementing more admin work sayin that it will let us work more efficiently.

"but hey we are customer service officer not adminstrative assistant you know." if they want someone to do admin work get an admin person don't torture us like that. and wads more this manager don't even bother to side her staffs at all, not to say that mistake are to be cover but then you need to side us when promoter call to complaint of your staffs on a groundless basis, of which some them are just offering help to cases where it is usually been settle in. obviously she don't bother to find out and started to side with the promoter.

best part is some of the thing this manager implement don't even work at all, say for example customer case have to be close on the 3rd day of case open, and we part time customer service officer who are not always here have to follow up the case. wad if we are not on duty for the next 2-3 days?

the reason why i have been staying on this job for 3 years is because my supervisors are nice people who will cover and care about us.

enough about office haha, finally goin to have a good rest from bike practice.

"2a is coming on the way..."