Sunday, August 17, 2003

Saw what my gf post in her blog today "sweetie you are the only gal that will ever be so nice to me." i wanted as much to stay with her and luv her till the day we part this world and beyond. i don't blame you for asking what i am going to do in the future because that's something i also ask myself everyday. and i hope to find the answer real soon also. "by the way take care of the dizzy spell ok, go see a doctor if possible."

Gald to hear that my sweetie pie is finding my photo tips useful, i may be harsh on her because i want her to grasp the basic rules to get photos that are technically correct as she is having project on hand which time isn't on her side for experiment. "but try to be creative k sweetie, and i am sorry if i am too harsh on you."

have lunch with eugene today at suntec and play initial d a while, its getting boring by the days. chat abit on the prospect of an army officer now that he is in there doing training. still can't decide what i want to settle on withthin this 5-10 years. but i think i still have the lee time to idle till my army days haha.

"world's flow..."