Tuesday, August 19, 2003

just pay $50 for my web access bill, this is madness.... but anyway i am too lazy to go sign up for broadband and also when i go army i won't be using much. so i guess i will just stick to this madness web access and see how it goes. "s**gt*l are suckers."

guess its really not easy to save... been trying very hard but it just don't work. really dunno what should i do to save in amount that i can see haha. guess after getting my class 2a licence and not buying pgm4 will see me saving up, decide that maybe its just fate that i can't get the bike when its seem so near yet so far (because of $$ problem).

went kopi with raymond yesterday, when he speaks of his job as a graphic designer, the designer blood in me boils again. guess i would find a graphic job once i get my 2a licence because i will not have the time to go for my self practice and tp if i were to get the job now.

"days are getting pretty shitty and boring when you are waiting for something that you dunno when it will come, but i am gald that i have a bunch of good friends and my sweetie pie to spend my time with."