Saturday, August 16, 2003

chat with my gf yesterday and was talking about the blog thing, saying that blogging longer down the road will have us both an biography of ourself haha don't even need to write for it. guess blogging helps alot of people to keep track of thier life's happening.

no only that i feel that it is a good way to output your thoughts and feelings out so that they don't get cope up in you so much that it freaks you out.

went to work at the attic again today, still fascinated by the furniture in the pub...mox pub and cafe kewl....the 70's furniture looks great. and i have been thinking of getting a lava lamp for my room.

hopping to aim for the mathmos one but it's not gonna come cheap, at least $200 and above. oh well just have to save up for it.

tattoo add on, lava lamp, licence taking and new bike aaaRRRrRrr so many things to buy yet so little $$$ haha. will take things at a time to see how it works out

"dress up like a doll k sweetie tomorrow we are gonna take photos together again yea."