Thursday, August 21, 2003

real disappointed to know that until today my gf is still going through so much misery in her family life. always know that she did not have a family that cares, although they look like on the surface. and i finally know why she would always want to stay with me till wee hours whenever she meet me. "now i finally know and i am sorry sweetie."

thought i was talking sense to her, thought i was helping to ease her pain by lending her a listening ears. but now i seem helpless and my effort have not been of much help. now i am really loss for words of kind thoughts and understanding. "i know i can only ask you to look on the bright side, but what esle can i do, i can't be with you 24-7 as much as i would want to. "

i really dunno how long can i handle the stress of her complains about her family cos i feel helpless and frustrated everytime she complain. "you know i can understand when you complain but have accept the point of how things in your family turns out, but not when you see the point and don't want to accept and complain the same things to me every now and then."

if there's anything she wants me to say everything she complain the same things to me, i will galdly do so to ease her pain, but now i am really lost and i don't want to say the same thing again and again and i could not bring myself to explode at her for such things even when i am sometimes facing problems in my life. "trust me i don't suffer lesser then you when i see u suffering because i love you so much."

"so please provide me a solution, will you? cos i love you so much that i am willing to do anything withthin my means to ease your pain. and i also hope you can ease mine by easing yours."