Thursday, August 14, 2003

another boring day at work "yea when is it fun haha..."

went to the bike shop today around changi road area to change engine oil and spark plug, shop doesnt have the normal plug end up changing a $10 buck racing plug haha "luckily the plug did feel better then the normal one" the air duct finally give way so ended up changing that also at $30 bucks after asking around for 5 shops in the area, where 4 quoted me $40-45 bucks. boy was i happy and surprize to hear the price the 5th shop offer and change immediately.

came home round 3 plus to have a rest and shower before heading for work.

read my sweetie pie gf blog todae and realize even more how much she wanted to be with me forever, which i never thought will come true in the reality looking at nowadays love life and the bgr around my friends. "i really hope as much to be with you forever"

the guy selling pgm4 called me again, seem like not many are interested in gettin pgm4 these days, agree to wait till my tp to see if i pass or not. hmm might be fate also cos my bike and his happen to be from the same bike shop, guess its easier to get things done.

"when you wish for something, god have already give it to you just work hard for it and in due time you will get it."

and i am starting to believe it, trust me.