Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I feel so alone in the relationship when what I say don't matter even it's for the better of the 2 of us.

I feel so alone in the relationship when someone who matter as much as I am suppose to said something and you don't have the moral courage stand up to that person even though I have given you the reason.

I feel so alone in the relationship when only your family matters and my family don't seem to matters. when I always consider how your family view you but you don't seem to consider how my family will view me.

I am tired when I have tried to consider everyone and everyone just treat my consideration as he is ok with anything.

I am sad when you say that you do not want to come over to stay together because my house is not in the condition that you want from the way you put across to me and not about being not used to.

From now on I will give you my concern over matters but you have to stand up to the people that you need to account for and if I am going to account for you then I am going to put across thing matter of factly because it is no longer about seeking opinion from the others but about informing whoever is outside the 2 of us due to necessity.

I love you and will support you in the things you have stand up for the better of the 2 of us and whatever I have is what we will have to make do with beyond the actual day affair.

"qing bu yao ba wo de fang bian dang cheng sui bian"