Saturday, October 08, 2011

after watching his speech, I finally realize why I did not like to study and find that it is a waste of time when I was younger. it is because I do not know what I want in life at that point of time and studying don't seem to help or make sense of life at that time.

I have always been stubborn in wanting to do things that I like no matter if people around me thought there is no future in it... even my dad thinks so haha... I now know there is a legend who sees things the way I do and we are all regard as social misfit.

but down the path, doing things I am passionate about I reap the reward, I know many great friends who shares my passion, a girl that understand and support my passion. Although I did not manage to gain monetary profit out of it but the experience I gain is so immerse that I never regret going down this path. Which I define as success.

but now as I begin to understand my life, going to school seems natural as it has a purpose. If I share my life, I would tell them to experience life and study what they are passionate about and when they need the knowledge. That's per say they will still need to complete basic education not necessary with flying colours if their passion don't lie in it.

"have courage to follow what you love and everything else is secondary."
"stay hungry, stay foolish"
Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011