Thursday, December 23, 2010

dear blog and everyone dear, merry christmas and a happy new year.

a year went by and so many changes happens, for the better and some for the not so good. but I would say that going through the not so good is always better by not being alone, thanks dearie sweetheart for being there for me everytime.

after being in the working life for 4 years, there's are still major changes of which I do hope that it gets settled down soon because I do get lost and helpless at times. especially the "everything seem to be a solution yet nothing is solve in the present kind of situation..." haha.

found this on a friend's facebook, it's a note written by his teacher to him, inspriational to me so here's to share with you guys and as a reminder to me.

anyway I went through my blog list and found hanz got this nice koi pond so decide to get it into my blog. if you guys drop by please feed the kois they are so cute =) (just click in the frame)