Thursday, September 09, 2010

taking a break from work to blog, its has been an eventful week.

first up an assignment that got hiccuped, the first time on my 4 years of business start up (i still consider myself young and inexperience in the industry) when I still see new situation everyday and go "wah, like that also can." and times when I learn and share with darlin business ideas and concepts and go "hmm, so maybe I can try this and that..."

digress... anyway coming back, I realize I have been bugged by similar issues in personal life and always felt angry and irritated. but thanks to darlin and being self employed , I came to realize that you cannot take things personally and have to see things matter of factly. This time, my emotions got normalize faster than I expected from the usually.

earlier, darlin have been telling me to not see things in a complicated manner, I think I understand where she is coming from (I can hear her saying "finally"... lolx), to be able to judge what needs to be matter of factly (which most of the things are actually haha...) and what needs to be meticulous.

I feel people who are formerly art trained not creative trained must have some form of analytic module to develop our thinking to be more holistic instead of too artistic. but I have to admit that the highest form of art comes from a focus and unpolluted state of mind.

next up, the event shoot this week. well the usual stuff though but I went back to the nemesis venue where I feel I never quite did well enough the last time I was there, which is also my first. I think I did well enough this time (I never fail at the same place twice lolx... in photography lah)

thank you darlin, for the patience and understanding in sharing business ideas and concepts to this stubborn bloke hehehe... luv u lots muackz!