Monday, July 12, 2010

80 years in life, 55 years in commitment.

covered a birthday cum anniversary dinner banquet, the husband started as a humble clerk while the wife is a high school graduate.

because of love they hold hand went on to spend happy 55 years together with 3 wonderful kids and 5 cute and adorable grandchildren.

it comes as a surprize to me that back in those days, open and truth love exist. and alot of issues that our generation face, education difference, money, career the 5 cs basically can be overcome by love.

people will start saying:"aiya those days the living standard not so high mah, so no issue loh." but hey look when 10cts can buy you a packet of fried kway tiao, buying a flat at $30,000 is the same challenge as buying a fried kway tiao at $3 and buying a flat at $300,000 today.

they reaffirm me:

if fated, nothing will takes a couple apart

if true love exist, it will overcome any obstacle in life

the recipe here is just to do your best in life, and love that someone with all your heart. it doesn't matter what you do, what you accomplished in life to the outside world.

always think of your love one, and natuarally you will have the will and determination to make it in life.

I am happy that I receive blessings from this couple for my relationship. 55 years together, really not easy at all. and all they tell me when i ask them how they maintain their relationship is "ren, ren and ren" which means to tolerate each other and help each other grow not by giving in to each others.

"i love you with all my heart princess, and i will hold your hand to walk through everday single day of my life from 376 days ago."