Tuesday, July 28, 2009

nowadays all the updates are with photos and facebook. so there's nothing much to post here, but some entry are still best with words and minimal photos.

startup of the activities for the past months, 2 weeks reservice and just recover from fever & flu. hanz is coming back this friday. plans was to go techno club, but in the end even babyface close down and change into a thai disco haha... i guess this is really the end of techno~

been having the heat of cosplaying, so cosfest and my vampire knight photo shoot pass 2 weeks ago. and now i am planning to head a group in the gameplay "persona 4" for next year cosplay event.

been revolving around 2 gals for the past months, after some serious thinking. I have finally put behind my past, and desire to be alone for a new relationship. it's open, whether or not it is. nothing really last, not that i am not confident. but we just see how thing goes.

this gal is sweet, we go way back. appreciates and have been around showing me care and concern. After accepting her, i started to feel guilty for giving her the cold shoulders these years. for even i treat a friend better than her, and she deserve none of those cold shoulder. yes I admit I am a jerk lolx~

although care and concern does not equate to love and i did not get together with her because of that, but I should seriously appreciate people who appreciate me. and stop hiding behind the barrier that i am all alone and i don't need the care and concern.

my wound still have feelings but the injury have long heal... so maybe this is the time to put behind the past that has happen for the past 5 years and start a new chapter in life. god help me.