Thursday, January 01, 2009

its alive!, yup finally all major revamp are over and the site is up with a new makeover.

happy new year to all, yup 2009 is here. and I realize this is the first time I have actually blog on a new year day. wish the world will be a more peaceful place and economy will become better.

although 2008 have been a bad one for the world generally, it's a good one for me. my work have been stable, and after 2 years, my photography business have finally pick up. meet alot of wonderful people also... possibly the most that I have ever meet in a year as far as I can remember.

some highlights for 2009:

- 2 weeks jarkarta trip in march
- registering of business in april

I am not into the idea to blog in caps, but this time I just want to say.