Sunday, May 20, 2007

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went to watch this movie today, typical fairytale fantasy but with a twist of reality setting and a sad ending that the female lead drowns. which to me, should not happen in a fairytale fantasy plot where it should be kept naive and perfect.

reminds me of the days where my brother and I played our toy figures living in a fortress that was a traditional baby sitting chair made of bamboo, as dad just won't buy us any toy fortress nor house and all that gave us presents for occasions seem to overlook haha.

our toy figures would have to fly or teleport as we do not have any transport, all the bad guys are friends of the good guys at the end of the playing as the fighting part are all part of a story and they live in a perfect world.

overall the movie adds a new touch of perspective to a fairytale fantasy to let me rate this simple, fond memory evoked movie an "A". would say the story plot is better than harry potter or even chronicles of narnia.

p.s annasophia robb... she has beautiful eyes and look of a classic beauty.