Thursday, May 10, 2007

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more phuture

hanz came back to singapore last week before labour day. somehow this time we can't seem to find the mood to take any photos, anyway went clubbing the night before labour day to zouk and club hop to a thai discoo. zouk is as usual crowded only that phuture have changed to serve house music and rnb to the main dance floor, the change is sometimes ago but yah I am not into zouk so there.

thai disco is something different, located in singapore's "little thailand" at golden mile shoppoing centre where all thai expats are. the disco have a chinese crowd and serve techno music. live band interval sees thai singer singing mandarian songs so well that will put many singaporean chinese to shame lol. the ambience is one of the nicest that I have come across.

google and tiny pix have gone bogus recently, one says I can't access my blog cos "it seems like an automated request to view the blog"~ wtf? and the latter is worse changing my pictures that are being upload "why is my burger king ad changed into a torn yellow pages of don't know which country?" and my home studio photo have been removed "duh???"