Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I came across a friend's blog and realize that we have some common views on why we rather be single, the following are our common points and some of my own;

- We are more interested in making money
- We believes that humans are inherently selfish. As such, people in relationships are there for pieces to fit together.
- We wants a girl who will still be there even though the pieces are no longer fitting. Domestic partnership/ open relationship anyone haha...
- We does not intend to get married at least until 31 - 32. For me it's could even be later.
- Lazy weekends will be spent better cooking at home, doing retail therapy, clubbing, doing sports.
- Chances of you being our topmost priority is rare
- We doesn't think we are noble enough to love
- We want things our way
- For a change, we wish to be pursued instead
- I have some childish hobbies such as going to the arcade, dancing techno with ah bengs and ah lians
- I like to act cute. Not that I am feminie, but rather I wish to keep the child in me alive though growing older. and I don't care whether how people look at me.

For Josh, he hasn't meet the gal that will make him change. for me, the gal have left and since then I have not meet the second one so there.