Friday, June 24, 2005

just came back from bathing and grabbing a packet of ration from my cupboard back to the office. on duty today boring. so the photos came out fine on the blog, credits to kh for introducing me such a simple photo uploader. spend the day editing my blog here and there improving my blog, somehow I have improve slightly, yah the improvement is almost insignificant lolx. manage to add another sideboard heading "garage" to add links of interest that I have found. would try to change the background picture of the blog later on.

surf into my usual motorcycle forum and found this test to see if you are riding the right bike to suit your character. took the test for fun, and hmm some parts are true like the part getting a 600cc japanese sportsbikes suits me... and yah the warping speed only when the highway is clear hee. hey I am a considerate rider. but the rest... ok lah 50-50 loh. generally quite true, interested? go try.

yes I am dying to get my hands on one of this babe to be my next bike, below is a photo of a 2004 suzuki gsxr 600 k4, the bike to get after getting my class 2 licence.

by the way just finish my ration pack and I am still hungry irritating.

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600cc Sportbike
You scored 6 moxie, 3 zeal, and -1 pomp!

You are a squid. Your bike is a 600cc Japanese Sportbike. Take your pick, it really doesn't matter, since you're going to wad it.

You are the primary source of extra bits of fairing plastic on eBay.

When you're riding in the mountains, you have a hard time keeping up with that Olde Pharte on a Triumph Thruxton without blowing the centerline in the twisties and going WFO on every straight. (You're not a bad rider, but you're just not as good as you think you are.)

On a hot day, you're likely to be seen weaving through highway traffic at warp speed, wearing sneakers and a t-shirt blowing up your back.

The good news for you is that this is a temporary phase in your riding career. You will either (a) buzzsplat or (b) become more acutely conscious of your own mortality after a few minor but eye-openingly lucky crashes.

Take it to the track. You'll live longer.